Software - AmigaApache

AmigaApache is the port of the well-known web server Apache to the operating system AmigaOS. Although Amiga computers do not have the amount of memory and the computing power of todays computers that would be necessary for often visited web server, it still suffices for smaller web servers and for development. Adaptions were made for the missing fork() system call in AmigaOS, the missing support for cross-compiling in Apache 1.3 and special support for ARexx scripts. The current supported version is 1.3.20; newer versions cause a bug that I couldn't track as of yet.


Aside the modules mod_proxy, mod_rewrite and mod_include and others accompanying Apache there is PHP for use in CGI scripts. There is also a version including mod_php, one including mod_ssl, and one both, however only as make files to compile yourself or upon request. Unfortunately the modules cannot be distributed as shared libraries since the library concept of AmigaOS is too different to automatically create such libraries.
Rüdiger Kuhlmann
11.09.2012, 21:13:35