About my name


Yes, you read right. My name is Rüdiger. It is not Rudiger, Rüediger, and not Ruediger, although you are allowed to use the last one if you really don't manage to type it due to a stupid computer system. And no, I have never heard of a person called Rudiack, although my entry in the password file in the math department used to call me so for several months. I don't expect you to pronounce it right but I do expect you to write it as right as possible.

... ü ...

How do I type this strange letter? Well, this depends much on which computer system you are using. Watch for a key called "Compose" (on Un*x systems), "Control" (Mac) or the like. Press it, then type u ". Maybe you have to type the u and the "Compose" key at the same time; maybe you can type first " then u. Some systems use Ctrl-k, which means holding the Ctrl-key while typing a k, instead of a "Compose" key. Some, especially German, systems have an ü key, which makes things much easier. In HTML, you can type either ü or type an ü and set the character set accordingly in the page header.

... Kuhlmann

While my family name is much easier to write, some people still call me Kouhlmän, but that's wrong. It's Kuhlmann, which English speaking people might write something like Coolmunn. That's easy once you know it, isn't it?
Rüdiger Kuhlmann
11.09.2012, 21:13:35